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Q&A - Technical

Q. How do EGR Valves work, what do they do?

A.The exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) valve in a vehicle reduces nitrogen oxide emissions by directing some of the exhaust gas back into the engine cylinders.
This dilutes the O2 in the incoming air stream and provides gases inert to combustion to act as absorbents of combustion heat to reduce peak in-cylinder temperatures. More information on How do EGR Valves work, what do they do? (VIDEO)?

Q. Will I notice a difference in my vehicle economy / performance if I replace my EGR Valves?

A. If the EGR system is leaking or inoperative it can cause reduced performance and driveability problems, including hard starting, rough idle, stalling, increased fuel consumption, valve knock, poor acceleration, knocking, or pinging when accelerating or under load, and elevated NOx emissions in the exhaust.
Some EGR faults may bring the engine warning light on because the on board diagnostics detect that the vehicle emissions are not within specification. This may have very little effect on the vehicle economy but cause more serious issues with exhaust gas return like a stuck open EGR valve. See Why replace EGR valves?

Q. How do I know if I need to replace my EGR valve?

A.  Usually the first indication your EGR valve needs replacing is your Check Engine Light will illuminate, and the retrieved code indicates the EGR valve has an issue. See EGR Valve Diagnostics. Often this is ignored as performance seems unaffected, however engine damage can result.
Over time the EGR valve can become dirty and may cease to function properly. In some cases, the EGR valve can even become stuck in an open or closed position. A faulty exhaust gas recirculation EGR valve can affect the speed and performance of a vehicle, and can even cause stalling and idling troubles. The first sign is usually a misfire on acceleration and can be more evident when the engine is cold. Keep in mind that these symptoms can also be spark plug or Ignition Coil amongst others. See Why replace EGR Valves?

Q. How long do EGR Valves last?

A. Quality EGRs can last for years however at have found that Diesel powered engines seem more prone to early EGR valve failure. We recommend a proactive preventive maintenance program where the EGR valve is serviced more regularly than manufactures recommended intervals. For example if the manufacture suggests 15,000km we would suggest 10.000km intervals, especially if the vehicle does lots of stop / start or short trips.

Q. How do I test my EGR without special equipment?

A. Visually checking for leaks or blockages can be done without special equipment but mechanical technicians usually have tools to check for a range of issues, including Scan Tools, Smoke Leakage Detectors, Cameras, Oscilloscopes, or even specialised DC and Pulsed Width Modulated (PWM) external drivers.  Check our accessories page - EQP-115 Electronic EGR, Throttle Body & Actuator Tester

Q. How often do I need to replace my EGR Valves?

A. Replace your EGR valve as part of your Preventive Maintenance Program. EGR valves should be inspected and replaced at the manufacturers recommended service intervals. It is however most important to get the vehicle checked immediately if the Check Engine Light illuminates. This has the potential to save you significant money, if the EGR valve becomes sticky or blocks it could damage your engine. See Why replace EGR Valves?

Q. Can I remove or block off my vehicle EGR Valve to give better performance?

A. At we believe the idea that an EGR Valve somehow reduces engine power is a myth. The EGR valve helps your engine by modifying the air/fuel ratio, but without using additional fuel. It does this by reducing the amount of air in the cylinder, and the amount of fuel needed, to keep a suitable engine temperature while at cruising speeds. This reduces the amount of fuel your engine needs to burn when power demands are low. The EGR valve does not open under heavy load and you will not be burning exhaust gas while at full throttle. There is no performance advantage to removing the EGR Valve and in fact you may simply just waste more fuel.

Q. Can you tell me if my current EGR valve is faulty?

A. No, we would require the vehicle to test for faults and as we don’t have a network of testing centres. recommends suitably qualified persons always diagnose your vehicle.

Q. Can you recommend someone to diagnose my vehicle problem?

A. Unfortunately this is not feasible as we would have to personally know and recommend from every mechanical repair shop in Australia. We do recommend that suitably qualified persons are used for vehicle diagnosis, using suitable equipment.

Q. Should I check anything else other than my EGR valve?

A. Yes, when replacing faulty EGR valves check that other components relating to the engine mapping such as Mass Air Flow (MAF) sensors and Intake Air Temperature (IAT) sensors are within the manufactures specifications because the vehicle Engine Control Unit (ECU) uses this information to determine the correct Exhaust Gas Return (EGR) flow.

Q. How often do I need to replace my EGR valves?

A. Replace your EGR valve as part of your Preventive Maintenance Program. EGR valves should be inspected and replaced at the manufacturers recommended service intervals. It is however most important to get the vehicle checked immediately if the Check Engine Light illuminates. This has the potential to save you significant money, if the EGR valve becomes sticky or blocks it could damage your engine. See Why replace EGR Valves?

Q. Are your EGR valves LPG fuel compatible?

A. YES all our EGR valves are LPG compatible. 

Q. How do I change my EGR valve?

A. See Replacing EGR Valves or our Step by Step Replacement Guide. Refer to the vehicles workshop manual if available. For backup we recommend taking photos of the EGR valve before exchange to refer if any mix up.

Q. Do I need special tools to change my EGR Valve?

A. Depending on the vehicle make and model and type of EGR Valve a variety of traditional workshop tools and equipment (spanners, socket set, pliers, screwdrivers) may be required. Usually no specialised tools are necessary. See Replacing EGR Valves or our Step by Step Replacement Guide

Q. Should I get a professional to fit my EGR Value?

A.YES. Fitting a EGR Valve is a complex procedure, and we always recommend that diagnostics, testing, removal and installation of EGR valves should always be carried out by suitably qualified persons. More information on Why you should get a professional to fit your EGR for you (VIDEO).

Q. I replaced my EGR Valve and still have a problem!

A. The original vehicle fault is therefore not the EGR Valve, however all is not lost and your vehicle should have better performance and be more fuel efficient for replacing your EGR Valve. We recommend you get your mechanical technician to diagnose your vehicle problem, before spending more on parts. Diagnostics of EGR valves should always be carried out by suitably qualified persons.

Q. Why is my EGR Valve cheaper or more expensive than others?

A. At we strive to offer quality products from leading brands with savings of up to 50% off retail prices. There are many different types of EGR Valves and the cost of manufacturing and materials does vary. Selected EGR valves may also fit multiple vehicles allowing us to purchase in bulk.

Q. Why does my EGR Valve look different to the ones you supplied?

A. On rare occasions there are differences in colour and style due to different manufactures preferences. If you have any doubts contact us before you attempt fitting, maybe email us some photos of your original unit which could help us identify any potential issues

Q. I cannot find my vehicle listed, can you still help me?

A. Yes, Contact us with your vehicle details as we can supply Leads and Coils for most vehicles 


Ordering and Shipping Q&A

Q. How soon after I order my EGR Valve  will I receive them?

A. Most orders will be despatched on the same working day (Monday to Friday) if the order is confirmed before 12 midday (Australian Eastern Time) and within 24 hours if order confirmed after midday (Australian Eastern Time) Monday to Friday. For shipping details and estimates see ordering information

Q. Do you have a warehouse I can pick up from?

A. At we have immediate access to a large range of sensors in stock at multiple warehouse locations, ready for rapid shipping; however we DO NOT offer a pickup service. We would generally have over 90% of all our lines in stock at any given time, ready for same day shipping. 

Q. Can I return a EGR Valve for exchange?

A. Yes, but only under certain conditions. You can exchange any new and uninstalled, undamaged product purchased from us so long as it is returned unopened, unused, and with proof of purchase, within 14 days of purchase. See Ordering Information- Returns page for return details. 

Q. The product is not working properly. What do I do?

A. Sometimes the product you receive may have been damaged in transit or is not working properly however this is very rare. If replacing the EGR Valve has not corrected your vehicle performance issue you will need to have the vehicle diagnosed. Vehicle fault diagnosis can be very challenging and that is why recommends suitably qualified persons always diagnose your vehicle. does not sell EGR Valves for on vehicle testing. See Ordering Information page for details.

Q. Why was incorrect EGR Valve delivered?

A. ALWAYS COMPARE THE PRODUCT PHOTO AND DETAILS (Including Connector Plugs and mounting holes etc) with the EGR Valve you are replacing. If there is a mismatch then please Contact us before you order.

Ensure you enter the correct details for ordering:

  • You may have searched our database using incorrect data
  • Your vehicle may have had an engine change or upgrade
  • Your EGR Valve may have been previously changed with an incorrect part.
  • Your vehicle is a non-Australian delivered (or grey imported) vehicle.

Q. What brand are your EGR Valves?

A. In most cases we supply the vehicle manufacturer’s original equipment (OE) EGR Valves. In cases when original equipment (OEM) EGR valves are not available we supply high quality products with OE Form, Fit and Function that meet or exceed all original equipment specifications and test requirements, from leading manufacturers including Denso, Delphi, VDO, Pierburg, Valeo and Standard Motor Products.

Q. Can I specify the brand of EGR Valve I want?

A: No, Sorry. In cases when OE EGR valves are not available we supply the quality brand product that we have selected that offers the OE Form, Fit and Function.

Q. How long is your product warranty? not only honours, but extends, the manufacturer’s warranty for the products purchased from us. We offer a 15 month (25,000km) product warranty for faulty products due to a material or manufacturing fault arising during the warranty period. See Ordering Information- Warranty page for details 

Q. My EGR Valve arrived with Shipping Damage

A. We always recommend that you inspect your package before you sign for it. Our shipping department makes every effort to prevent shipping damage, but it does happen occasionally. If your merchandise is damaged upon arrival, please keep the original shipping carton and immediately contact us. See Ordering Information- Returns page for return details.

Q. What payment methods does accept?

A. We accept Visa and MasterCard payments through our secure Credit Card payment gateway. We also accept PayPal Express Checkout payments.

Q. Can I use any other payment methods?

A. All our processing and payment systems are automated. This means we are unable to accept cash, telephone, bank transfer or direct deposit payments sorry.

Q. What will show on my credit card statement?

A. When you make a purchase from your credit card statement will show the charge from Engine Sensors (Aust) Pty Ltd


Q. Is Australian GST (Goods and Services Tax) Payable?

A. All prices shown on INCLUDE Australian GST however all export orders for delivery to countries outside of Australia and its Territories will have 10% GST automatically deducted from the item price at the checkout.



Q. Why should I buy EGR Valves from

A. At we have over 25 years automotive experience and have been serving the trade for over 10 years. Our goal is to bring this industry experience combined with leading customer support to you, we are here to help. offer high quality products from the leading manufacturers, and back them up with 15 month 25,000km warranty, above the industry standard. We offer a huge range of EGR Valves, for hundreds of vehicle applications, with same day despatch on orders confirmed before midday (AET).

Q. Do you only sell Genuine Authentic items?

A. YES, ONLY sells authentic parts from leading manufacturers; we DO NOT sell any products that are NOT AUTHENTIC. We have a very thorough sourcing and quality process and do not consider any items that may potentially be copies or fakes.

Q. Do you have a telephone number I can call you on?

A. No, sorry. No telephone support is offered. Engine Sensors (Aust) is a web based business, however we offer fast and efficient customer service via email. If you haven’t received a reply within 24hrs (business days) then please check your spam or junk folder.



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