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Replacing EGR Valves

The Exhaust Gas Recirculation EGR valve is vital to your vehicles engine efficiency and emission controls. If the EGR system is leaking or inoperative you need to replace your EGR Valve.

Firstly, verify that the EGR valve is indeed faulty, or in need of replacement. If you replace the EGR Valve and the vehicle problem remains you will not be able to return the product. The warranty is void if there is a misdiagnosis, improper selection or incorrect installation. For the full warranty terms see our Ordering Information- Warranty page. All the EGR Valves we supply are original equipment (OE) EGR valves or high quality products with OE Form, Fit and Function that meet or exceed all original equipment specifications and test requirements, from leading manufacturers, which are highly unlikely to be faulty.

Begin by locating the EGR valve. Its exact location varies from one vehicle to another, and locations can vary significantly across vehicle makes and models. We have information and photographs of several makes and models on our On-vehicle location photo guide page.

Refer to the owner's handbook or manufacturer’s workshop manual for vehicle specific information. Examine the EGR valve and refer to the service manual for your vehicles engine so you can use the appropriate procedure.

Before you start we recommend using a digital camera to record how the existing EGR valve wiring loom and other parts that have to be removed are located to remove and refit the new EGR valve.

Ensure you follow all safety precautions when working on or under the vehicle. Make sure engine is cold and the vehicle is in gear or park, the handbrake is on, and the ignition is off.

WARNING - Check the gasket on the valve. If the gasket appears worn or damaged in any way, replace the gasket with a new one. Usually new EGR valves DO NOT come with a replacement gasket so be sure not the damage your original gasket unit if possible, or you may need to purchase a new EGR gasket from your dealer. do not sell gaskets.

Once the old EGR is removed check all EGR flow passage ways to and from the valve are clear, if they are dirty be sure to clean and unblock before fitting the new EGR Valve. Poor preparation and cleaning could void you product warranty. (Diesel engines suffer more than Petrol vehicles).


When the job is complete you may need to reset your engine ECU Check Engine Lamp, depending on the vehicle you may require a Code Reader and reset tool.  Check our accessories page - EQP-119 OBD11 Code Reader

With many variations from one vehicle to the next in emission control systems and calibration, it is extremely important that you get the correct replacement EGR valve for your vehicle application. Two Exhaust Gas Return valves may look identical but be calibrated differently.

ALWAYS COMPARE THE PHOTOS AND DETAILS WE PROVIDE ON THIS WEBSITE before purchase to ensure the EGR Valve matches with the unit you are replacing.

If in any doubt, or you cannot find the information you need to order a replacement EGR valve, then contact us. Before you do we will need the vehicles details including VIN number, as well as make, model, year, and engine code. To find these details refer our Check your vehicle identification page.

It may also be necessary to refer to the Original Equipment (OE) part number on the EGR valve you plan to replace, so don't discard the old EGR valve until you have the new one installed, and made sure it's working correctly.

Diagnostics, testing, removal and installation of EGR valves should always be carried out by suitably qualified persons.





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